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Are you looking to apply for a sports visa or sportsperson visa?


Visas for sportsmen and coaches are issued under the Home Office points-based system. The applicable tiers for sports are Tier 2, Tier 5 and the sports visitor visa, which allow players and support staff to participate in specific sporting events in the UK. To qualify for a UK visa, a non-EEA athlete or coach must be internationally established and contribute to the continued development of sport at the highest level. Athlete applications are subject to the rigidity of the points-based system. Any sports team or club wishing to recruit an athlete or coach from outside the EEA should be aware that the Immigration Rules require that a certificate of sponsorship be issued to applicants. Individual applications must also be endorsed by the respective sports governing body prior to submission to the Home Office. Please contact us for more information.

What is a Sportsperson visa?

The UK Sportsperson Visa is aimed at elite athletes and coaches of international standard, whose work and contribution will contribute to the development of their sport in the UK. They must be at the highest level of that sport. Note : If you are an organisation or company in need of professional advice, remember that at firstprecedent we have professionals who will be happy to help you.

Sports licences for clubs and sports teams

It is the sponsoring club or team that provides the certificate of sponsorship (Certificate of Sponsorship or CoS). In order for clubs to be able to issue certificates of sponsorship, the Home Office issues clubs with sponsorship licences. The licence is valid for a maximum period of four years and can be extended to allow clubs to recruit people from all over the world to help them develop both on and off the field.


Application fee

The fee depends on how long you are staying in the country. If you stay up to 12 months, the fee is £244 per person.
  • applying outside the UK - £610 per person
  • applying inside the UK to extend or switch - £704 per person

If you’re from an eligible country

Your application fee will be automatically reduced by £55 if you’re from one of the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Netherlands, Malta, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, France, Iceland, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden or North Macedonia. Note: This reduction only applies to your visa application. Your partner and children will still have to pay the application fee.

How long you can stay

Your Sportsperson visa can last for up to 3 years. You can extend it and extend it for as long as you’re still eligible. After 5 years, you will be able to reside and settle permanently in the UK. Note : Sport at elite level in the UK is now more diverse than ever (Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, athletics), and our specialist team is available to advise clubs, organisations/companies and representatives on all aspects of the UK's complex immigration legislation.