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Being a citizen of a certain country grants you a sense of ownership. By being a UK citizen, you will have access to public funds, seek permanent employment and live comfortably. If you are not a UK citizen based on ancestry, you'll have to apply for naturalization through the following categories: i)Naturalization after five years in the UK. Ii)Naturalization due to marriage.      

A)Naturalization after five years in the UK

Practically, this happens after six years in that, the first five years are to attain indefinite leave to remain, and then you have to wait for an additional year before applying for citizenship. The following are the requirements for using for citizenship:
  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must be of good character
  • You must converse in one of the following languages: English, Scottish Gaelic, or Welsh.
  • During the five years, you ought not to spend more than 15 months in the United Kingdom.
  • In the last 12 months of your five-year tenure, you ought not to have stayed more than 90 days in another country other than the UK.

B)Naturalization due to marriage

To qualify for the naturalization application in this category, you have to meet the following conditions;
  • You must be living in the UK for three years.
  • You ought not to have broken any immigration laws during the three years.
  • In the past three years, it is necessary that you have not lived more than 270 days in another country, and in the past one year not more than three months.

How to apply for naturalization

You can apply for British naturalization by yourself, or you can make use of an agent or a representative.

i)Making an application yourself

While making an application yourself, ensure you have qualified for the application and the documents you require. Normally it takes six months, but due to the coronavirus, the process may take longer. You can either apply online or physically. In the online application, you will first be required to have the following documents:
  • A certificate proves that you have lived in the United Kingdom for at least a year. The public agency must endorse this for Life in the UK Assessments, including your pass reference number.
  • Two referees
  • Evidence of your command of the English Language.
Ensure you submit your biometric data by first booking an appointment with a UKVCAS service point. The copies can then be uploaded to the immigration website or scanned at your UKVCAS session. If you live in the Channel Islands, a British overseas territory, or the Isle of Man, you will have to make an application in person. You can find out which type of application you'll use and where you'll leave your biometric data at your governor's office.

ii)Application through an agent or representative

While using the agents or representatives, ensure they have registered with the OISC. You can also hire a lawyer to assist you in the registration. Some of these solicitors and barristers are:
  • General Counsel of the Bar.
  • Law Society of England and Wales.
  • Law Society of Scotland.
  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.
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