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The Impact of Brexit on Work Permits

Work permit application

The UK, with its announcement of separation from the UN, is now at a new start. Since the transition period of 11 months is near to end soon, travelers who are seeking to get a UK visa are now in great strain for the new policies.

While the question of how the government will treat EU citizens is already in the air, there is a lot of confusion about the people who will arrive after the transition period i.e. after 31 December 2020.

So if you’re also contemplating applying for your Work Permits Tier 2, this article is a must-read.

No doubt, Brexit has brought a set of important changes in EU Visa regulation policies. As per the recent report showcase published in September, the Migration Advisory Committee (“MAC”) has come with a set of revised protocols and recommendations for EEA migrants moving to the UK after Brexit. Among these, many policies will be endorsed by the Conservative party conference in late September.

Here is a detailed view of what MAC has suggested to Government for EU and non-EU people:

  • The term ‘work permits’ will be referred to as the ‘Tier 2 route’ after Brexit.
  • Proposal to end the Resident Labour Market Test completely or to increase the number of people who are exempted from the Resident Labour Market Test.
  • A significant reduction in Tier 2 (General) visa to RQF level 3 skill level requirement.
  • The next important recommendation is - The government should avoid the influx of lower-skilled migrants – i.e. the Tier 3 route in the country, however, if found necessary, the consideration for extending the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme can be applied.
  • The next suggestion is around a pilot scheme, introduced in August 2018 for temporary seasonal agricultural workers that fall under Tier 5. For this scheme, the MAC report has written that similar schemes should not be applied for other low skilled jobs.

Including these, there are some other partial and impartial changes that will come into force after the completion of Brexit transition.

Further, as an effect of Crona pandemic, the visa policies for Health workers under General work visa Tier 2 are also into great change.

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