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The 2021 UK Points System to Share Similarity with Tier 2 Visa

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The government has adapted an Australian style points-based visa system, which will be in operation from January 2021. Since the announcement, there have been a lot of developments on the same. Businesses are foreseeing challenges in hiring foreign labor, and aspiring immigrants are also uncertain. However, they can expect the new points-based immigration system to be similar to the current Tier 2 Visa system, and it will treat both EU and Non-EU citizens as the same.

The ban on free movement will reduce the volume of yearly immigrations and prioritize applicants with top skills and expertise. It means that in the near future, the gifted EU and Non-EU citizens with unrivaled talent and skills will perceive a higher preference from UKVI. Some of the occupations that are included in this list are engineers, doctors, scientists, academics, and other highly-skilled professionals.

Despite the increased likelihood for extraordinarily skilled workers, the government will also pay attention to welcoming the most aspiring international students to the country. In the new points-based system, the unwavering commitment to resist criminal offenders and traffickers will remain unaffected.

There's also a notice to general low-skilled workers that as of today, the government has no intention to introduce a temporary work route. The main focus of attention in the new points-based system is to foster skilled employees in the country's technology and automation sectors.

The government has also provided updates for EU applicants under the Settlement Scheme of March 2019. The 3.2 million applicants who fall under the scheme will be allowed to stay and work in the UK. On the other hand, the IT directors applying to Tier 2 visas may need to maintain a salary of £56,100 a year in certain circumstances to qualify.

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