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What are the steps to apply for a Tier 2 Visa?

  The Tier 2 category is designed for elite sportspeople and coaches whose employment in the UK will generate a significant contribution to the development of their sport at the highest level.   Applicants for the Tier 2 Athlete visa must be willing and intending to settle and establish themselves in the UK and must be elite at the highest level internationally in their sport.   The sponsoring club or professional sports team must hold an employer sponsorship licence allowing them to issue a certificate of sponsorship to professional athletes or coaches. Once this certificate On receipt of the certificate, the applicant can apply for permission to enter the UK.

What is a Tier 2 visa?

  The Tier 2 visa is the main immigration route for skilled workers or athletes wishing to enter the UK to work. Applicants must have a job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a UK-based employer.   Note : If you are an organisation or company in need of professional advice, remember that at firstprecedent we have professionals who will be happy to help you.  

Tier 2 (Sportsperson)

The Tier 2 Sportsperson visa category is for non-EEA nationals who will be employed in the UK subject to the following criteria: as an elite athlete or qualified coach recognised by your governing body of sport as an internationally established person. Your employment will contribute to the development of your sport at the highest level.   Your sponsoring club or sports team has a sponsorship licence which allows them to issue a certificate in relation to your visa application. your governing body of sport endorses your application. Individuals can apply for a visa to enter the UK only after the governing body for sport has issued an approval, which is subject to the body's own criteria.   Obtaining a Tier 2 (athlete) visa is subject to obtaining the required number of points under the points-based system. Duration of visa Applicants are granted an initial permit to stay for three years or for a period equivalent to the duration of the contract, whichever is shorter. At the end of this period, applicants may submit an application to extend their stay.   Family members The Immigration Regulations provide for the possibility of visa applications to be made for spouses, civil, civil, de facto and same-sex partners and their children to join Tier 2 visa holders in the UK, subject to some additional maintenance requirements.  

Tier 2 (Sportsperson) requirements

Before you submit your Tier 2 (Sportsperson) application, you must ensure that you meet the following requirements:
  • You must be an internationally established player or coach at the highest level
  • Your sponsor must hold a valid Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Your sponsor needs to obtain an endorsement for your form the appropriate governing body for your sport
  • Your activities in the UK must make a significant contribution to the development of your sport at the highest level in the UK
  • You must intend to live and reside in the UK only for the duration of your leave to remain. In addition, you must return to your home country when your visa ends or expires.
  • It is important to meet the English language (English language) and maintenance (available funds) requirements, which are essential for Tier 2 status.
Note : Tier 2 is one of the best known and most sought after visas and you must meet the stringent requirements. our specialist team is available to advise clubs, organisations/companies and representatives on all aspects of the UK's complex immigration legislation.