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Work Permits & Business Immigration

Sponsorship Tier 1, 2 4, 5

There has been a considerable growth in this sector over the last years... There was a 10% increase in sponsored visa applications for skilled work (to 55,664 in the year ending June 2015, main applicants). Most of the increase was accounted for by for the four largest sectors: Information and Communication (23,518; +8%), Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (10,728; +15%), Financial and Insurance Activities (6,695; +10%) and Human Health and Social Work Activities (3,349; +32%). The rise is expected to continue. In the wake of Brexit, there will be always be a demand for talents and skills. The points based system is comprised on 5 categories Tier 1 to Tier 5.

The tiers and categories are are listed below:

Tier 1

1. Highly Skilled Migrants



Exceptional talent

Graduate entrepreneurs

Tier 2

2. Skilled Workers

General Intra company transfer

Ministers of Religion


Tier 3

Unskilled Worker (This Tier was never opened)

Tier 4

4. Students

Students (General)

Students (child)

Tier 5

Youth Mobility

Temporary workers


Sponsorship under the Points based system

Education providers and employers are required to apply for a license. So a student wishing to study in the UK will need to apply to the education provider for a Confirmation of Acceptance knows as CAS.  An employer seeking to employ a non EEA national must first apply to the Home Office for a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). The application for a licence must be made on line; there are guidance notes on the Home Office website which the employer would need to follow. If the application is successful then it provides the first step to making a successful application for a work permit / student application.  The employer/ education provider will then be added to the registers of sponsor.  It is important that the potential employer is fully aware of their duties and responsibilities which they will need to comply with. The Home Office will categorize an employer based on the information provided and can accord highly trusted status.   


It is important to ensure that the applicants meet the correct number of points. The number of points will vary for each type of application. For example for Tier 1 investor the requirement is for 75 points. For Tier 2 general the applicant requires 50 points for Attributes.

Resident Labor Market Test (RLMT)

All positions filled under Tier 2 (General) must satisfy the resident labor market test, unless there is an exemption.

Tier 2 General

The position offered must be for an occupation skilled to national qualifications Framework (NQF) 6 or above. There are a number of checks that must be made, before proceeding under Tier 2 General. It is important that the job meets the skills level.

How can First Precedent & Visa Service help in submitting an application for Tier 1 -5 under the points based system?

Above we have highlighted some of the requirements applicants will need to meet to succeed in this category. Each category has a specified list of requirements.  With over 20 years experience we are confident that we can provide our clients with the level of expertise needed, in succeeding in these applications. These applications require careful research and an in depth knowledge of the numerous Appendix J to Q, it should be noted that further appendices have been added over the years.  

We are confident that here at First Precedent we can bring our experience to bear to help increase your chances of success. We also work with a team of qualified professionals in this sector to offer you the client an unrivalled service.  We are dedicated in meeting the needs of our clients.  Whether you are an employer looking to employ a migrant under Tier 2 general or you are a graduate entrepreneur looking to set up business in the UK.  Or perhaps you’re an Investor looking to invest in the UK. We can provide you with the information and advice needed to succeed. We understand the complexities and unique challenges   associated with making application under the points based scheme which is why, whether you are an individual or a company, will be managed carefully and with the strictest confidence.

We pride ourselves in building a solid reputation in the pursuit of excellence for our clients. Our Immigration Advisers are regulated by the Office of immigration Service Commissioner (OISC) to level 3 the highest level. As Immigration Advisers it is essential for us to keep abreast of changes in the regulations.  We are pleased to confirm that we have many success stories of clients in this category.   Take charge of your future today, instruct the professionals to get impartial advice.

If you have any queries whether under Tier 1, 2 4 or 5 please email us today.  Please send us an online form enquiry or please feel free to call on call on (+44) 0208 7691750, or send us an email to: [email protected] and we will send a timely response the next working day.